Saturday, 13 August 2011

News so far

Here is a culimation of news so far towards ESC 2012.

~ The host city for ESC 2011 will be Baku. This is because there really isnt anywhere else for the thing to be held. Sietse Bakker and Ja Ole Sand recently visited Azerbaijan to ensure that the ESC will be housed in an appropriate building and to have another building as an alternative in case the forementioned one doesnt happen. The president wife is undertaking the task of supervising preparations.

~ The Netherlands have called for songs. They will have a national final in January in hope of reaching the ESC final since 2004. John de Mol is said to be organising something - a recent rumour had David Husselhoff entering this final, I don't believe that this is progress. Deadline is 30 Septemeber; artists known November 1.

~ Slovenia were quick off the block with a show called Mission Slovenia in order to again enter the ESC final. Recently, dates for auditions were announced as the last days of August. I'm guessing you can view that information of some sort of Slovene TV site.

~ Spanish artist Falete has offered to represent Spain next year. I will refrain from commenting on this news in order to remain civil.

~ Cyprus is rumoured to be having a lady called Ivi Adamou. There was to be an announcement, but I don't believe this has happened as yet, thus still a rumour.

~ Denmark will be holding their annual song contest in the Gigantium, Aalborg. [Note: not the most Gigantic stadium in Europe - unknown where it fits in the scheme of things]

~ December 20 2011 is the date that the Swiss will be choosing their song. It appears there will be an internet selection involved that starts September 1, but I guess there will be more new to ocme about that.

~ Bosnia and Herzgovina has opened a poll of who should represent them next year. Another rumour says they recycling a previous artist and are sending Hari-Mata Hari.

~ Israel will be competing in Azerbaijan. The complained about the dates and then there was fear of it being held in a Muslim country. Azerbaijan has announced that the participants are welcome and will be safe. Armenia has not confirmed entry to the 2012 contest.

~ Johnny Logan whinged that Jedward could not sing. Who cares? Personally, the former Australian has sour grapes. The rumour at the end of 2010 was that Johnny was to enter and they sent Jedward instead. : p In the meantime, Jedward have got a new show.

~ 'Morocco coming back to the ESC fold' says Bruno Berberes. Kosovo may not.

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