Sunday, 7 August 2011

ESC 2011 #35: GEORGIA - One more day - Eldrine

[rating before - 21st; after - 38th]

 The 2nd of the try-hard states presented us with Eldrine. They held a national song contest where the song 'One more day' was selected over several other songs. I will admit - I liked this song before the contest and expected it to do very well.

Notice the problems. Yes:
  • they are dressed as if they are going to a satanist convention.
  • the hair on that woman's hair is not her own.
  • there is little grasp of English amongst them.
  • there is little singing amongst them while the song was being sung.

I'd recommend singing in Georgian next year - the same former Russian countries will give votes and a few others that have no clue what is going on may find the song endearing.

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