Sunday, 7 August 2011

ESC 2011 #43 - CROATIA: Celebrate - Daria

[rating before - 36th; after - 43rd]

Anything that needs three dress changes within a three minute song to sustain interest is always going to be in trouble.

Croatia held a show to select a singer and somehow incorperated in a song contest as well. What came out of it came 'Lahor', which subsequently became 'Break a leg' which became 'Celebrate'. Again, three changes - more trouble.

To add to viewer grief, they added a man onto the production who I am describing as Willy Wonka from a horror movie (imagine sharp teeth). Daria looked completely uninterested, supposedly because she had no clue what was being sung, eyes glazed over and frowning. The approach of Willy shimming along like a swarmy snake and an impending dress change and you just want to look away in case he does something disgraceful to the poor girl. The last dress change occurred with the use of fireworks, but by then i had visited the toilet and put on a cup of tea.

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