Monday, 8 August 2011

ESC 2011 #31: UKRAINE - Angel - Mika Newton

[rating before - 38th; after - 28th]

The Ukraine have for the second year had a national final debacle. So this year's fun goes like this: they held a national final and they selected a winner - Mika. Two days later, jury members slammed the outcome, there are allegations of vote rigging and all sorts of other malachi and Mika wants to sing something else.

NTR decided to hold a Super final between Mika, and the ladies that came second and third. Jamala, the lady who was second, withdrew and then the lady who was third, Zlata Ognevich, did the same. So instead of having the Mika super final, they just named her the winner.

Let's look at the ESC performance and how I enjoy the song: sound muted. Sand woman - brilliant. Who ever thought of bringing her sand box to the ESC was inspired. Mika: screaming, young cutey Mika. Running about telling people they are Angel's and not having a clue what an angel is or where to find one. Blander than the static on the TV, which is why we have and are extremely grateful for the magnificent sand box woman. And it came fourth... insane.

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