Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ESC 2011 #7: AUSTRIA - The secret is love - Nadine Beiler

[rating before - 14th; after - 4th]

Welcome back Austria and what a song!

The Austrian started their search for an entrant with web-voting and this whittled the list down to a 10 song national final. A super-final of the top three songs on national final night ensured and The secret of love was the winner.

Nadine is remembered on ESC night for a few things:
  • She stood on a purply-black diamond on ESC final and night. 
  • She had the fringe of the night.
  • Had one of the most outstanding singing voices of the night.

Her song is exquisite - a wonderful celebration of fine music and song. At several points, it felt as if the song was going to become a dance number and half naked people were going to come forward and dance - but not so. It was lovely anyway.

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