Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ESC 2011 #16: BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - Love in rewind - Dino Merlin

[rating before - 22nd; after - 20th]

I like this, but I'm not a devoted go out and buy the CD fan. It has an interesting bouncing, it has kooky kind of people there, an odd looking gent with a trumpet and there is reference to a household implement - the humble sieve (sito!)

Dino Merlin is a legend in the Slavic countries. He wrote the national anthem of his country and would be considered a national icon and treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So all I must ask is what the hell is the national treasure of this country doing in the Eurovision Song Contest? Please, roll out the red carpet, throw flowers at his feet, place yourself on your knees, give Dino the Grand Prix and lets see Sarajevo next year.

His eminence was selected to represent his country for a third time - first was 1993, and then in 1999. This year he had carte blanche and presented his song in a quirky, over the top rendition of his song. It is a refreshing, honest, innocent song. Not much over the top, no spangly contortionists and items that explode on the stage. Well done.

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