Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ESC 2011 #13: SWITZERLAND - In love for a while - Anna Rossinelli.

[rating before - 10th; after - 15th]

It was December last year when they selected this little song in a border town between Switzerland and Germany. The punters thought it was a clever song, but nothing that would make a Eurovision final. They were wrong.

Switzerland making this year's final was one of the most fantastic stories of this year. Considering that they were one of the first songs selected for this contest, they watched everyone else find a song and still made the final. And why shouldn't it? Simple song, no fun and games, sung by a very competent woman with two blokes on sting instruments. So what it came last in the final and her performance was not up to the great one in the semi. Making the final itself was a major success.

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