Sunday, 7 August 2011

ESC 2011 #42 - MOLDOVA: So Lucky - Zdob si Zdub

[rating before - 41st; after - 34th]

Hats must be going cheap in Moldova this year and strange ones at that. They chose the entrant via a national final and this won.

The talent comes in form of a pretty girl on a unicycle. She pretends to play a brass instrument, she cycles about, she wears a funny hat. Unfortunately, there is also a band that is playing a song. Zdob si zdub are a popular band - they have played all over Europe. They participated in 2005 where they came in the top ten with a very likeable 'grandma beats the drum' song. People like them. As songs go, this years song is poor. I'm guessing there is like a click or something that likes it. Maybe people in pointed hats.

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