Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ESC 2011 #6 : GERMANY - Taken by a stranger - Lena

[rating before - 16th; after - 10th] 
The Germans pipped everyone in naming an artist for the 2011 Eurovision - they named the winning artists to defend her title. I saw a short interview where Lena advised the reporter that she is performing for Germany again because she is an egoist. Every honest - very refreshing.

Germany held a Lena song contest and a number of songs were performed by Lena. In the end, a moody song called 'Taken by a stranger' was selected. I did not hear the other songs, so I cannot advise if it was the correct choice. I was surprised at the garments for the backing vocalist/dancers.

There was a surprise that these were present dancers again. Such a distraction, but the while it was being performed - I was completely enthralled by not only the dancing, but the dancing on the screens as well. I think that the credit for the performance is Lena. Lena was moody, seductive and completely in control of this performance. She is completely spellbinding in her three minutes, that you could watch her for hours and days.

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