Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ESC 2011 #17: SWEDEN - Popular - Eric Saaaaade

[rating before - 9th; after - 18th]

In 2010, Eric went into Melodifestivalen with Manboy and sadly did not win, and they sent a brilliant song that did not make the Eurovision Song contest final for the first time ever.

In 2011, Eric went into Melodifestivalen with Popular and sadly did win. If we are to compare the two songs, Manboy, as stupid as the title is and ridiculous it is for any man to sing, was day to night superior to Popular. 

Popular is still a clever song. The words, the idea, the method. Eric is a cheeky bastard and he could come out and sing the orbituary section of the newspaper and young girls, boys, and grannys will be salivating like he was the last chunk of ice cream in the hot desert.

I always wonder what some of these artist are doing between March and May, cause this is an exact copy of the performance in the semi-final. Possibly the only difference is there was one pane of glass broken versus three in Stockholm. Worse though is that there are steps from Manboy.

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