Sunday, 28 August 2011

Junior Eurovision

I've been watching the ESC for a very long time. Over the years, there have been some very excellent songs and others that have not been. I watch and follow it religiously, but there is one thing I cannot handle - the Jnr Eurovision Song Contest.

The Junior ESC was first presented to us in 2003. Copenhagen in Denmark was the first stop and Croatia won. Since then, we have visited Lillehammer (Norway), Hasselt (Belgium), Bucharest (Romania), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Lemesos (Cyprus), Kyiv (Ukraine) and in Minsk (Belarus). Winners include the forementioned Croatia, Spain (04), Belarus (05 and 07), Russia (06), Georgia (08), the Netherlands(09), and last year, Armenia.

There are several problems which I have.
  • First, I dont believe that these less than 16 year old children write the majority of the song. Most of them seem to he some plagiarized version of an adult song.
  • Some of these children cannot sing properly - I cannot handle screaming girls with no tone.
  • The voting is just wrong.
But on saying this, 28 different countries have entered the thing in the eight years the show has been going. Some enter religiously, (Netherlands, Belgium, FYROM, and Belarus have entered each year), others such as France and Switzerland have dipped their foot into Jnr ESC and decided it's too cold.

We have had the ESC dance show come and go after two years - I didnt mind that thing. The dancers had talent, they showed some grace. But the children - who needs them?

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