Thursday, 11 August 2011

ESC 2011 #4 : FRANCE - Sognu - Amaury Vassili

[rating before - 1st; after - 14th]

Hot favorites usually come through and do what are expected of them. Other times they sink like a stone. Amaury sunk.

The French chose this internally. First, they announced that it would be Amaury Vassilli singing for France, and then several weeks later, the song itself. When you hear it the first time, you think handsome man, talented and an exquisite song made specially for an adult audience of voters. The song went to the top of the betting with discussion of where to hold an ESC in France.

On ESC night, he was dress appallingly. The hair seems to be a trademark for Amaury, but to me it seems he just awoke from bed and presented himself on stage. He looked stressed and he sounded stressed and it was all so wrong. If only he did not have the pressure of standing alone with his background of angry clouds and thunder, maybe it would have been closer to a top ten finish.

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