Sunday, 7 August 2011

ESC 2011 #40 - ARMENIA : Boom Boom - Emmy

[rating before - 43rd; after - 24th]
Earlier this year, the delightful animal that is Emmy was selected to perform for Armenia. A song contest was created for Emmy and four songs were presented and a winner was selected.

Armenia is one of the try-hard states and you can expect to see a tree, a table, last year there was an apricot. Anyway, they decided best to have a boxing theme for this year's effort. With the combination of four gentlemen who danced about, Emmy sang for her life. Cutesy nuarnces, thrusting body movements, excitable  dancing, ropes that appear from the pants of men, excellent garments and it ended up short.
Problem: the song was god awful.

 Here is the chorus:
Boom boom, chucka chucka, your kiss is like a, like a
Boom boom, chucka chucka, your love is like a, like a
I wanna say that one thing is true (True)
I'm in love with you
Like a, like a what? A dog to a frisbee? The way a mother loves a son? If you listen carefully, she is in love with 'chew'.  Is chew an Armenian snack maybe sold at the local 7 eleven? Maybe advertising covertly within the words of this song... mysterious.

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