Sunday, 7 August 2011

ESC 2011 #37: THE NETHERLANDS - Never alone - 3Js

[rating before - 40th; after - 40th]

In reflection, this song should probably be lower down in the list but let's just run with it. I think it's because I thought it had something before the event and then I saw it on stage.

July 2010: the Dutch were the second country to select the artist for the next contest (Lena returned for another go): the 3Js. A song contest of a few of 5 songs were chosen as valid entries to represent the Netherlands. The people (jury+public) chose this.

 When you watch the above clip, here are some questions you need to consider:
  • Was that suit purchased from an ice cream salesperson for a dare?
  • Do you think that the guitarists are trying to get their mug on the TV by constantly walking behind the singer? 
  • What a lame song; can we hear that Belgian song again?

I'm not sure, because I avoid it like the plague, but turn on your local religious channel and see if this sounds familiar. Don't get me wrong, these three men Jan- Japp-Japp possess talents that has seen them release albums. But this is a poor example, and im not convinced of the sentiments or the emotions - it looks like three men who are singing something. Nursery rhyme, shopping list, advertising jingle, 3Js entry to ESC. It came last in the semi final remember.

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