Monday, 8 August 2011

ESC 2011 #32: BELARUS - I love Belarus - Anastasiya Vinnikova

[rating before - 30th; after - 32rd]

I love Belarus begins with 16 yeahs in an aggressive forceful way sung by backing vocalists and a delightful Anastasiya comes forth and begins singing in a deep manly voice and fist pumping.

Belarus decided internally the song for this year's song contest; the song I am Belarussian was selected. You can view this song here in your own time. Sadly, this was disqualified and they came up with a new song as you can see above. I prefer the new one.

Here is my question; if you lived in a country where there was a dictator heading the show - would you be singing anything but I love Belarus? And seeing as this didn't get into the final with all the firepower and pyrotechnics behind it, you think Ana is hanging around Dusseldorf trying to avoid going home in case they send her to a Belarussian Siberia?

It's not so bad. But let's look at some lyrics cause it's always fun:

I love Belarus, got it deep inside
I love Belarus, feel it in my mind

Inside where? Stomach? Liver? Pancreas?

Feel it in my mind would mean a headache, and I dont think that is a pleasurable experience for her.

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