Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ESC 2011 #20: LATVIA - Angel in disguise - Musiqq

[rating before - 24th; after - 21st]

TOP 20! Wooooo 

Two years in a row, the Latvians have come last in their semi final. Someone in Latvian TV must have thought that an effort was required. The Latvians do not have bad songs in their selection shows each year, it's just that the songs they have selected (something about a car crash in 2009 and some crap about God in 2010) were rubbish.

So this year - they had another selection of decent songs and the song selected is Angel in disguise. I'd like to mention Banjo Laura which came second and has now been translated into 50 languages, but I don't think it would have made the final.

Angel in disguise is a great song. The young man (he is in high school) who sings the song is very talented and has a wonderful tone. Everything about this song is decent, except the freakazoid who wrote the song, acts like an idiot through the singing of it and does a little rap. Why could he not stay behind the scenes like all good writers?

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