Sunday, 7 August 2011

ESC 2011 #39 - BELGIUM : With Love Baby - Witloof Bay

[rating before - 40th; after - 23rd]
Let’s get this very very clear from the outset - Witloof Bay are a very talented set of people and what they do is amazing. The fact that one of them can make noises to sound like a trumpet, beat boxing, drum kits and everything else is mind blowing. But With love baby on the night was equivalent to a rainstorm of paper cuts.

Belgium selected their entry by some sort of strange web-voting thing that whittled the entries down to 30 something, they had a few semi finals here and there and somehow this was selected. I have to say - I listened to these songs and there were better songs left behind, but they chose this.

Anyway, who dressed them? The ladies look okay, providing some style to the occasion, but there were two guys who looked like they shopped at the Salvation Army outlet store.

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