Monday, 8 August 2011

ESC 2011 #23: RUSSIA - Get you - Alexey Vorobyov

[rating before - 26th; after - 27th]

Along comes another internally selected song from Russia. They kept it under their hat for a while, but it leaked out. Anyway, lively, excitable, upbeat... and if it was left alone it may have done very well.

So along comes a Russian language introduction, some over the top gymnastics and what should have been a credible contender became a farce. Personally, Mr Vorobyov seemed to treat this like a joke. What started out as a sincere piece of Russian was followed immediately by 'do you feel my heart beat you rope?' No, afraid not. I intermittent 'yeah' in though the song didn't encourage me either. I kind of felt Alex seemed to think he was better than everyone and that just ain't true.

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