Sunday, 7 August 2011

ESC 2011 #36: SPAIN - Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao - Lucia Perez

[rating before - 40th; after - 39th]

Oh Spain - what happened to you? It is amazing that a country that supplies the EBU one of the highest entry fees into the contest and year after year absolute rubbish is provided to us. There is a great history of great songs and recently, nothing but toilet breaks and visits to make tea.

So the Spanish held their show - whittled down a selection of candidates down to Lucia, another lady and a band of out of tune teenagers who have not seen a razor. Was the best song selected - nah. But it could have been much worse.

I heard the song first and was pleased with the entry on it's own. It sounded cheery and happy and then they changed it. I think it was better before they made the changes and introduced the tin flute. I was looking forward to singing 'cheuro cheuro cheuro' on Eurovision night, but that was taken away too. Lucia looked so uncomfortable singing this song, and she tries very hard to make it relaxed and fun, but she looks stressed and uncomfortable. I didn't like the dress either - it looked like an off the rack number.

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