Thursday, 11 August 2011

ESC 2011 #3: SERBIA - Caroban - Nina

[rating before - 4th; after - 4th] 
The Serbs had a novel approach to selecting their song this year; a father and two daughters all wrote a song that could create the national final. The father, member of the band that sang for Yugoslavia in 1974, wrote a song called 'Ring ring ring'. Daughter number one, appeared at the Eurovision in 1991 as a backing singer for Baby Doll, wrote a rather dramatic song for herself. Daughter two, no ESC experience, wrote a pleasant ditty about a man.

To say that the three songs were interesting is an understatement. Other than the song from daughter number one who's song was quite a decent ballad, the songs seemed dated. She didn't win, because she looked like a vampire.

Caroban is a three minute piece of sheer joy. But in Dusseldorf, Nina was a little bit frightened and she was alittle all over the place. The background is too much and maybe something less striking was needed. But I love it. All the flaws and faults do not distract to the fact that this a sensation of a song.

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