Monday, 8 August 2011

ESC 2011 #26: SLOVAKIA - I'm still alive - TWiiNS

[rating before - 15th; after - 31st]

 Slovakia pulled out one of the lies of the year and I DO NOT believe that it could happen this way. Slovakia decided to withdraw from ESC 2011, but decided to stay in because the cancellation fee was larger than sending someone to Düsseldorf. Nah - crock. First things first there is a fee to be in the contest + the cost of sending the people to Germany. It is impossible that this combined fee is more expensive than a cancellation fee, and if it is, the EBU should be strung up. Let's look at it a different way, if you book a hotel, and then cancel within 24 hrs of your stay - you don't pay one and a half nights stay, you lose the cost of the night. Very curious.

What annoyed me more was that it made Twiins look cheap (cheaper than paying a cancellation fee), and these ladies do not deserve this. I was praying for them to exceed all expectations, make the final and win the ESC. But, it didn't happen. The song is pleasant, modern and something you would listen to on the radio. The twins looked good on the night; one twin can sing and the other can't, but there was nothing to be ashamed of for Slovakia.

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