Monday, 9 April 2012

2012 entry SWITZERLAND: Unbreakable - Sinplus.

DRAW: Semi 1 (7)

The first geriatric we can upon in this year's song selection process and the one that will not be appearing on stage in the actual competition is legendary Lys Assia. [I figure Lys will be in Baku for the merth in any case] Poor Lys entered the National selection for Switzerland in December as hot favorite to win with a lovely French song. Unfortunately, she came 8th.

The song for Switzerland, Unbreakable, is modern, lively and familiar. To me, it sounds like a Cure song mainly due to the voice of the lead singer. I'm trying desperately to like the song, but there is something missing or something too much. Not sure.

Switzerland will probably miss the finals this year, but that may not be a surprise to anyone.

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