Wednesday, 25 April 2012

2012 entry - FRANCE: Echo (You and I) - Anggun

DRAW: Final(9)

France announced their representative December last year and the song was presented in late January. Anggun has had a long career in her native Indonesia and then in France. The song is modern, has some whistling and is quite attractive.  I can see the European hordes listening to it on the radio, and dancing to it in the clubs. Will the Eurovision viewing public vote for this? I'll label it a maybe.

Personally, I think it one of the better songs selected this year. I like the road we travel with the song and I love her voice. Sadly, Anggun has been logged next to a power diva with Italy scoring the 10th place in the final draw. I suppose we will see who win win there or will the cancel each other out?

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