Monday, 16 April 2012

2012 entry SAN MARINO: The social network song - Valentina Monetta

DRAW: Semi 1 (11)
March 16 was the date that San Marino revealed their song. The composer of the song is ultra famous German Ralph Siegel, who has written over a dozen songs for his homeland as well as Luxembourg, Switzerland and Montenegro. The lyrics are by Timothy Touchton & José Santana Rodriguez.

The original song 'Facebook' was deemed a break of rules so they had to quickly re-jig the song to fall within the boundaries of Eurovision law and thus 'The Social network song' was born. I suppose it now can be about not only Facebook, but Twitter, chat sites, dating sites and countless other internet things.

Personally, I don't like it but only because it's not the kind of music I listen to. But there are benefits to the song. It is about a subject most viewers of the song know of and/or have used, seen or spoken about. It is a lighthearted song that is pleasant enough to fill three minutes of the evening. Finally, they have a clever clip which of course present the joys of social media.

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