Monday, 16 April 2012

2012 entry - MOLDOVA: Lăutar - Pasha Parfeny

DRAW: Semi 1 (17)
The Moldavian people chose their song on March 11th 2012 via national final. The winner was a handsome gentleman by the name of Pasha, who looks very much like American action Edward Norton, and a song called Lautar.

I've watched the clip and listened to the song countless times and I don't get it. It has cheery music and is pleasant to listen to. The video clip is quite addictive as everyone seems to be having some fun. But the words are strange. The whole trumpet thing through the lyrics doesn't make sense, and it irritates me that while everything else is going for it, the trumpet spoils it for me. It's careless and clumsy - but it's there because there is a man with a trumpet and that's supposedly the link.

We may see Moldova in the final or just miss out. If it makes the final, I'd expect the usual 12 from Romania and little else.

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