Monday, 9 April 2012

2012 entry SERBIA: Nije Ljubav Stvar - Željko Joksimović

DRAW: Semi 2 (1)

On November 18 2011, Serbia announced their entrant to represent them in 2012. Željko Joksimović is not a stranger to the ESC; he was the host of the show when it was in Belgrade and this is his 4th song in the contest since 2004. His songs have come runner up (Lane moje), third (Leyla for BiH) and 6th (Oro). This year's song is Nije Ljubav stvar.

The song is lovely and it's heartfelt and beautiful. Because he wrote his own song, he written to his own strengths and challenges. But it is no Lane moje, Leyla or Oro, which is a disappointment. These three songs were all classical and timeless, while this new song is trying to be modern and not really working for me.
I have a bad feeling that Zeljko will suffer the curse of the returning artist and finish outside of the top 10 in the final.

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