Monday, 16 April 2012

2012 entry - FYROM: Crno i belo - Kaliopi

DRAW: Semi 2 (2) 

The FYROM announced their artist in November 2011. Kaliopi Bukle was previously selected to enter the Eurovision of 1996 (she was Kaliopi Gril back then). Sadly for FYROM and the ESC watching community, her song was eliminated at the semi final stage. Crno i belo (black and white) was revealed in late January.

I'm torn with this one - I kind of like it and kind of hate it. If we remove the singing we have a lovely piece of music; dramatic and with suspense. Even the sound of the actual words are great and interesting. I really hate Kaliopi's singing - it's like scratching fingernails on a blackboard; husky, squealing and squeaky.

The draw isn't going to help them, second in the draw after Serbia in a semi final with most of the Balkans taking part. It's not going to be a final for FYROM this year either.

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