Wednesday, 25 April 2012

2012 entry - LATVIA: Beautiful song - Anmary

Draw: Semi I (4) 

Latvia selected their song on the 18th February with a selection of ten songs. The winner was Anmary and the song Beautiful song.The performance at the national final was somewhat strange with Anmary pulling faces as she sang, performing a hillbilly-like dance, and wearing the most stupid and unattractive hat. Not really optimistic so far.

That is not were this story ends. Latvia organised a very clever film clip where Anmary is being interviewed a few times, is in the recording studio and a flash mob at the airport. It also showed that with the right outfit, make up and direction an odd song can look like a winner. They also took the time to correct the English grammatically and it became somewhat more attractive again.

So, the question now is this: IsBeautiful songgoing to be the song that everybody hums and everybody loves? I cannot say yes or no, but a strong maybe.

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