Monday, 2 April 2012

2012 entry - BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Korake Ti Znam - Maya Sar

Draw: Semi 2 (17) 

The selection of the artist for Bosnia & Herzegovina was made in December 2011. The name of the artist is Maya Sar. This was followed by a silent period of three months before we were advised of the entry itself.

Korake Ti Znam (English: Everything I love) is one of a series of ballads in the contest and most of them are coming from the Balkans/former Yugoslav states. This song has a timeless beauty and Maya has a lovely tone to her voice. The problem I see is that I haven't heard her sing it live and while i can locate other songs were she is singing, it is always reassuring to hear the song itself.

Regardless, it'll make the final without a sweat.

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