Wednesday, 25 April 2012

2012 entry - ITALY: L'amore e femmina - Nina Zilli

DRAW: Final (10) 

The Italian song contest known plainly as Sanremo is the model for what we know as the Eurovision Song Contest today. Fifty odd years later, the Sanremo Song Contest is still alive and kicking. Much like last year, the song that won the song contest is not the song that will be representing the country at the ESC. Further more the song representing Italy was not even in the song contest.

Nina Zilli and her song Per sempre came 7th in the final of Sanremo. The song also came third in the Mia Martini award and second in the Press, Radio & TV Award award. Somehow a jury came up with the decision to send Nina to Baku while the eventual Sanremo winner, Emma Marrone, will be viewing ESC from her TV somewhere in Italy.

Per sempre was replaced with L'Amore e Femmina from Nina's forthcoming album as it was believed that the song would be better for the international audience. I like both, but truth be said the new song is a much more contemporary choice that is more current and will definitely be remembered; there is nothing else like it in the contest. Nina reminds me of Amy Winehouse in some ways - hair mainly, but mainly I like her because she's the moody temptress type that you want making goo-goo eyes at you from across the way.

Personally, this is the song to beat in this year's ESC. Hopefully, this is not a kiss of death.

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