Wednesday, 25 April 2012

2012 entry - CYPRUS: La la la love - Ivi Adamou

The very first announcement made regarding the 2012 contest was made by Cyprus in August 2011. Cyprus announced that their entrant for the 2012 ESC would be Ivi Adamou. A national was organised in January 25 with three songs and the highly addictive la la la love was selected.

On the outset, good song that has the effect of sticking itself to your brain and you randomly and subconsciously mutter la la la much like the other la la la song. It has all the good things going for it, but I have a very very small issue. I'm always a little alarmed when an ESC entrant has not sung the song live anywhere; every appearance so far has been lip synced.

I expect it will reach the final and sink like a stone - all depends if she can sing the song and the performance in Baku.

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