Wednesday, 4 April 2012

2012 entry - SLOVENIA - Eva Boto - Verjamem

Draw: Semi 2 (9)

Slovenia announced early on they were holding a show called 'Mission Slovenia' and the intension of the program was to find a successor to Maja Keuc last year. There were eleven shows leading to a final of two competitors and six songs. The winner was Eva Boto and the song Verjamem (I believe). Let's get the good/bad news out of the way early; it sounds like Molitba, winner of ESC 2007, and thats because the man who wrote the music for both.

Personally, I didn't give this a second glance when it was selected and remembered it only as the song with the Lena look alike and the backing singer with the fairy floss on her head and the badly buttoned cardigan (look closely and you'll see). Then I loaded it onto my iPod and couldn't stop listening to it repeatedly.

Will it make the final? It all depends on the presentation they choose and the fact that is dominated by Balkan ballads. She is only 16, and I think that if that presentation is spot on, Eva Boto could potentially be the most successful Slovene in ESC history.

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