Sunday, 16 October 2011

Countries over the last decade - Part V

So, 19 countries down, twenty countries to go.

# 20 - Moldova
[Averaged points: 78.67 points]

Six songs have made the final for Moldova with varied success. The most popular of them being their debut in 2005 with Zdob si Zdub (Boonika bate toba - 6th; 148 votes) and followed up with their recent effort coming in 12th. In between these, Moldova scored a tenth with Natalia Barbu and a 14th for Nelly Ciobanu. There were two not so successful entries that landed in the 20s: Loca in 2006 and Run away in 2010.

# 19 - Iceland
[Averaged points: 80.1 points]

Iceland's success falls squarely on the shoulders of one unsuspecting blonde girl in a light blue dress. If it wasn't for the dude with fiddle - Johanna would have won (instead of come 2nd) and Reykjevik may have been a Eurovision city. The other success to speak of is 8th in 2003.

Otherwise, Iceland has ended the show 19th (2004 and 2010), 20th (2011) and 14th (2008).

# 17 - Belarus & Finland
[Averaged points: 80.5 points]   

Belarus has had two songs make the final deliberations, and they tell a contrasting tale. The 2007 entry by Dmitry Koldun was highly successful coming 6th with 143 points. The 2010 entry Butterflies, on the other hand, came second from last with 18 votes.

Finland won the ESC of 2006 with Hard rock hallelujah with 292 points. Finland's record otherwise is grim in the finals. The next highest placing in finals is the 2007 entry by Hanna Pakarinen (17th) and then a precession of songs in the 20s; 20th (2002), 21st (2011), 22nd (2008), and last (2009).

#16 - Denmark 
[Averaged points: 82.14 points]

Denmark didn't start the decade well; they came last in 2002. There were 6 other appearances in the finals; the top ten and the others in the tens:
  • 2005 - 10th; Jakob Sveistrup
  • 2006 - 18th; Sidbel Ben Semmane
  • 2008 - 15th; Simon Matthews 
  • 2009 - 13th; Niels Brinck  
  • 2010 - 4th; ChanĂ©e & N'evergreen 
  • 2011 - 5th; A friend in London 

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