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Countries over the last decade - Last part

Only six more countries to reveal... and all but one have won the Eurovision Song contest. I'm sure you can guess.

# 6 - Turkey 
[Averaged points: 135.78 points]

The winner in 2003 is our number six country. The Turks have scored greater than 90 points in each ESC except one in the 9 ESC finals of the last decade. The exception is their 2002 entry that score 29 points and came 16th.

So, other than their 2002 low place and 2003 win - what is left? Plenty. Turkey also came second this decade in 2010 and 4th twice in 2004 and 2009. Their 2008 entry came 7th, 11th in 2006 and 13th was 2005.

#5 - Armenia 
[Averaged points: 139.8 points]

Armenia is our odd man out - no ESC winners or 2nd or third for that matter. What the Armenians do have are five ESC finalist that have all been in the top 10.

The big success has been Qele Qele in 2008 and their 2010 effort Apricot stone also rated highly (7th). Armenia also have a pair of 8s - in 2006 and 2007, while the lowest score received was for Jan Jan in 2009.

# 4 - Greece 
[Averaged points: 139.9 points]

A whisker separates the fore-mentioned Armenia from Greece. The Greeks have qualified 10 of 10 finals in the last decade and succeeded in 2005. The Greeks then welcomes the Armenian to the Eurovision fold.
Let's get the bad news out of the way first and that comes in form of their 2002 and 2003 entries coming an awkward 17th. With this out of the way, the Greeks have succeeded in staying within the top 10 for eight years straight - an effort that is unparalleled by any other country during that time frame.
  • 1st: 2005
  • 3rd: 2004 and 2008
  • 7th: 2007, 2009 and 2001
  • 8th: 2010
  • 9th: 2006 

# 3 - Ukraine
[Averaged points: 143.89 points]

The Ukraine has been one of a few countries that have sustained good scoring across the decade, and unlike some other countries who won the ESC and then lagged in their following performances - Ukraine has excelled. That said - 19th was the place of their entry on home soil, but that is their only big speed hump.
The Ukraine, of course, won ESC 2004 with Wild Dances and subsequent 2nd placings in 2007 and 2008 and another three occurrences in the top 10 in 2006, 2009 and 2001 cemented their placing as a high scoring country. This leaves 12th in 2009 and 14th in their debut year (2002).

# 2 - Serbia
[Averaged points: 169.6 points]

The Serbs secured 2nd place in the decade thanks to three of their five entries. They had an ESC victory in 2007 and their debut entry (as Serbia-Montenegro) came in 2nd scoring as high a score as their winner, while a high scoring 6th on home soil helped their cause also.

Their remaining 2 entries, while entertaining, did not place so well, but both scored in excess of 70 points; Ovo je Balkans was 13th, while Caroban scored more points, but came 14th.

# 1 - Azerbaijan 
 [Averaged points: 176.25 points]

The reigning ESC holder comes in as number 1 in the 38 countries. They are a nation which has not finished lower than 8th in their four year history. This was in their debut years in 2008 with 132 points for Day after day. 

2009 in Russia, Azerbaijan presented a highly fancied, highly choreographed Always. That effort gave them 207 points to come third behind very high scoring Norway and Iceland.

2010 in Norway was Drip drop and Safura. Again, a  highly choreographed entry and highly fancied to win. An unfavorable draw saw the Azerbaijan entry finish 5th and 145 points.

2011 as you know was Azerbaijan's year.  Unlike their past entries, Running scared was almost like an anti-Azerbaijan entry; there were no angel and demons, staircases, fabrics draped everywhere with wind machines. Everything was simple, hardly any dance and just about two people singing to each other. Their final score 221 and the ESC crown.

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