Sunday, 16 October 2011

Countries over the last decade - Part VI

How many of you are surprised so far?
No one - wise audience.
16 countries still to be names and placed; on with the show.

# 15 - Latvia
[Averaged points: 83.5 points]

Marie N won the Eurovision Song Contest for Latvia in 2002 on their third try into the contest. In 2005, a duo of teenagers by the names of Walter and Kazha came a highly commendable 5th. This is where Latvia's happy story ends. The remaining songs 4 final songs came 11th (2008), 16th (2007), 17th (2006) and on home soil in 2003, 24th of 26 songs.

# 14 - Belgium
[Averaged points: 87 points]

Belgium is one of the ESC pioneers. You won't believe this, but Belgium is the most successful pioneer country in the last decade. (Excluding Italy who has competed once and come second.) Anyway...
Belgium has been in the finals four times. They came a close second to Turkey in 2003 and last year, Tom Dice came a respectable 6th. The other two songs came 14th (2002) and 22nd (2004).

# 13 - Romania
[Averaged points: 90.10 points]

Romania has a 10 of 10 record over the last decade and on five occasions, they had top 10 songs (3rd 2005; 4th 2006; 3rd 2010; 8th 2002 and 10th 2003. Other five songs linger in the next 10 places; 13th (2007), 16th (2011), 18th (2004), 19th 2009; 20th 2008.

#12 - Hungary 
[Averaged points: 90.10 points]  

Hungary is an occasional visitor to the ESC, and sometimes they are in the final. On their three visits, 2007 entry and the 2005 entry have been the more successful (9th and 12nd respectively). The last one was this year's highly fancied song, that came 22nd.

#11 - Bosnia and Herzegovina
[Averaged points: 95.70 points]

10 of 10 ESC entries for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the finals in the last decade, which is impressive. The really have taken the bull by the horns and looked for songs that will be successful. Take for example their song of 2006 - Lejla. It came third and was the first of several songs that were internally selected (they have chosen all their entries internally since).

Bosnia and Herzegovina have another 4 top 10 songs: 2004 9th; 2008 10th; 2009 9th; and 2011 6th. The remainder consist of an 11th (2007), 13th (2002), 14th (2005), 16th (2003) and finally 17th (2010).

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