Wednesday, 9 May 2012

They put Julia in a combi

SBS TV have landed in Baku; humourously they have also taken a Volkswagen combi also known as Karl the camper van, drove it/him from Germany to Azerbaijan. Good grief.

Let's go back a step - Julia Zamiro, born in France and now a the doyen of Australian TV (sort of) and Eurovision song tragic has the indignity to drive a camper van across Azerbaijan in preparation for this year's contest. Many Europeans will be familiar with Eurobeat: almost eurovision. Julia is the original Boyka. (Never heard of it - check this out:

Can she drive the thing?

Will she be traveling to the disputed territory near the Armenian border?

Will she be only in Baku?

What will she be eating?

Julia's two part Road to Azerbaijan will she shown on the nights of the semi finals. If you cannot wait, go to this site: and click on videos.

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