Sunday, 13 May 2012

2012 entry - IRELAND: Waterline - Jedward

DRAW: Semi 1 (18)

Prior to any announcements anything about Irish artists and/or a national final, there were rumours that it would be Jedward again at the Eurovision in Baku. RTE then revealed their ESC national final plans in November 2011. Strangely enough, Jedward popped up and won.

Does anyone get the impression that these two will have this hair into their fifties doing the same dance moves? I think of the old movie 'Whatever happened to baby Jane?' So, Waterline is an okay song. I want to compare it Lipstick, but there is no point as they are like chalk and cheese. I think this is probably a better song, but suits Jedward less.

Finalist: Yes.

Successful as last year: no

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