Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2012 entry - SPAIN: Quédate Conmigo - Pastora Soler

DRAW: Final (19)

The Spanish announced their artist for the next ESC on 21st December, and that someone is Pastora Soler. Pastora selected three songs and we had a national final in February.

The Spanish have not had a good run at the ESC - sometimes due to audience taste and sometimes because they brought it up on themselves. I will state that Pastora is an outstanding and talented artist who has had a long and successful career. I expect that the setting in Baku will be simple and elegant and could be successful. It could also be a complete mess.

Let's quickly talk Spanish entries and their gaffs of late: 2005 (bad choreography - odd backing people); 2006 (inappropriate chairs and performance); 2007 (fine); 2008 (joke song - joke didn't work); 2009 (good song - forced performance); 2010 (intruder + odd song); 2011 (strange song). Will Pastora become another Spanish statistic? Yep. It doesn't have any strike power and may get lost in the crowd.

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