Wednesday, 9 May 2012

2012 entry - BELARUS: We are the heroes - Litesound

DRAW: Semi 2(5)

Belarus, like other countries, began making Eurovision-like noises in December. They planned a semi final and that resulted in a selection of five entrants in the final. These entrants had the choice of keeping their song or choosing from 'a pool' of approved songs. The winner of the Belorussian national final was Alena Lanskaya.

But something unprecedented and controversial happened: Alena was removed and the second place entry replaced her. Rumours about inconsistencies in the voting, the Belorussian president stepping in to make a decision and all sorts of other malachi which still comes to the same conclusion; there is no Alena Lanskaya and there will be Litesound in Baku.

Now, I have heard three versions of this songWe are the heroes.The first one must have been in the semi final because every now and again We are the cherroswas sung and I have no clue what that is. The second version appears to the more grammatically correct version, which I enjoyed quite a bit. The last version appears to be a sanitized watered down version that will do nothing for anyone. Hopefully, the live version is better.

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