Friday, 23 September 2011

Countries over the last decade - Part IV

For anyone watching closely over the last 3 posts, there were errors in the sums and some of the countries have moved around a bit. Here is a recap to remind you all of were we are at:
  • 38th The Netherlands (4 ESC wins)
  • 37th UK (5 ESC wins)
  • 36th Poland
  • 35th Portugal
  • 34th Switzerland (2 ESC wins)
  • 33rd Austria (1 ESC wins)
  • 32nd Slovenia
  • 31st FYROM
  • 30th France (5 ESC wins)    
  • 29th Ireland (7 ESC wins)  
  • 28th Spain (2 ESC wins)  
  • 27th Croatia
  • 26th Lithuania
  • 25th Albania

# 24 - Germany (ESC winner - 2010)
[Averaged points: 65.4 points]

The last of the big 4 and the first country with a win in the last ten decades thanks to Lena and her Satellite in 2010. She resurfaces this year to come a credible 10th. There are another three decent results for Germany, 8th in 2004, 11th in 2003 and 14th in 2006. Unfortunately, the Germans also came last on two occasions: 2005 (Gracia) and 2008 (No Angels). The remaining three results are near the bottom: 21st in 2002, 19th in 2007, and 20th in 2009.

# 23 - Israel 
[Averaged points: 65.71 points]

Israel has 2 ESC win to their flag but the last decade has not been completely kind to them. They have had some success, namely a 4th in 2005, an 8th in 2008, and 12th in 2002. The other 4 entrants to the ESC finals have not been so successful - 19th in 2003, 23rd in 2006, 16th in 2009 and finally 14th in 2010.

# 22 - Cyprus
[Averaged points: 68.6 points]

There has been no luck for Cyprus, but I figure you get what you deserve in most cases. Five final entries for Cyprus; two of them were very successful - 5th in 2004 with Lisa Andreas and 6th in 2002's entry Gimme. The remaining three songs though are near the bottom of the results table with 18th (2005), 20th (2003) and 21st (2010).

# 21 - Malta
[Averaged points: 68.6 points]

Malta had a decade of extremes. In 2002 and 2005, Malta came second on two occasions this decade; first in 2002 with Ira Losco and then with Chiara's second attempt in 2005. Unfortunately, they also came last in 2005, 2nd last in 2003 and 22nd in 2009. The only other Maltese entry was in 2004 and a 12th place.

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