Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Die Grosse Entscheidungsshow

My first review of a national final, just happens to be the first national final. Held December 2011, Switzerland was first to select a song a full five and a half months before the contest in late May.

Before this contest, I had only heard the song presented by Lys Assia and since I've only heard the contests winner. The rest are comments from a first hand experience and I can only say that I am frightened.

Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves - Real love 
These two sang well together. What I didn’t enjoy is when they sang separately as well as the actual song. It sounded to me like ‘reality show’ performance; mainly say this because their was vocal aerobic that weren’t necessarily required.

Emel – She
Opening with la la and some odd choreography by the two men, and it really went down hill for me from there. I listened to this twice and couldn’t decipher anything but la la’s. Tune is pleasant though.

Chiara Dubey - Anima nuova
Who was the unfortunate person who had to light and then extinguish all those candles? Chiara is good. She can sing and the song had a decent amount of drama to it. I wanted it to go somewhere after a while and it started to and ended abruptly.

Guillermo Sorya - Baby baby baby
I hate the title and I haven’t listened to a word yet. Guillermo is quite a handsome gentleman but the inability to sing this song does not score points with me. Pleasant song I suppose, dated though.

Macy – Shining
Macy is not a chick but a band of men. The tune was very clever and got my attention at once. Through the entire song I was wishing the man would speak up because he was completely drowned out by the musicians.

Sosofluo - Quand je ferme les yeux
They had a decent stage for their presentation. The song was all over the place with yelling, and everyone looking ill at ease.

Atomic Angels - Black Symphony
What is a Black Symphony? A collection of African Americans? And what are those people doing in Switzerland? I think the Swiss version of Serebro sang this, and it was underwhelming.

Ivo - Peace & freedom
Looked and felt like a cross between and Austrian song and a Danish song. Interesting song; usually shy away from peace, harmony and freedom songs. This was okay.

Ze Flying Z├ęzettes Orchestra - L'autre
This had an interesting sound to it; a watered down gypsy kings maybe. Possibly the most original song so far.

Raphael Jeger - The song in my head
A fiddle player in a vest seems familiar, but that is where the similarities end. Poppy song that tumbles along and I couldn't wait for it to be over.
I Quattro - Fragile
On one hand I want to say it’s been done before in various ways and different places and I don’t think this is the best of the attempts. The song wasn’t to bad though, and the blonde lady coming in was a complete breath of fresh air. I would rather listen to her singing the entire song.

Sinplus – Unbreakable
It sounds like a Cure song and I was anticipating the dude with the hair to appear at one stage. It definitely is a wake up song after some quiet entries and the fore mentioned classical number.

Lys Assia - C'├ętait ma vie
Hot favorite time. Considering Lys is 500 years old, she looked decent. She sounded a little off and the song was somewhat dated. Well done.

Katherine St-Laurent - Wrong to let you go
Hmm. Pretty girl, but wasn’t really right on the night. Not sure what it was.

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