Monday, 21 November 2011

TVE! Please call Bernard...

Over ESC Insight, there was an article of the love of ESC by Australian Sharleen Wright. And while most people think 'Australian? What do they know?', the answer is that the internet has made the world smaller and people can learn about sorts of things and see all sorts of things.

So, other than highlight Johnny Logan, former Australian, I suggested an ESC party next year. Somewhere we can all pop along and enjoy the ESC. But now i have a better thought that I'm guessing Australian will love. Bernard Fanning is a resident of Madrid. There is limited chance that Bernie is going to write a song in Spanish or English (Span-glish) present it to TVE and come under the scrutiny of Spain and then Europe. But wouldnt it be fantastic??

I'll wake up now - never gonna happen.

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